Balearic Islands
Majorca – Menorca – Ibiza – Formentera
(Palma – Minorca – Marina Mahon – Ivissa – Porto Cristo)


  • Skipper included + food
  • Insurance
  • Navigation Set included*
  • Dinghi included

*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water).


Balearic Islands (Spain)

Balearic Islands are an arcipelago in the West of Mediterranean sea. Despite being close to one another the islands look very diversified, due to their formation.
Main aslands are Maiorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Part of the arcipelago is also the smaller island Cabrera, with the omonimus natural park and few other smal islands.
Balearic Islands are an acceptional destination for turists of all ages coming from all around the world.
Those islands have over 1000 kilometers of coastline and over400 beaches. There are also 5 Natural Parks and Minorca is also proteceted reserve of UNESCO.
Together with hot sun from May to the end of September, these islands offer an incredible natural variety, with Sierra di Tramuntana and the natural parks of S’Albufera, Mondragó e Sa Dragonera.
Cabrera archipelago is particularly interesting for its sea floor with Poseidonia seaweed.
Ibiza is the beache’s paradise with parks of astonishing natural beauty and unique biodiversity. In this island there are 210 kilometers of coastline characterized by the long white beaches and dunes, sky clear water that are a secure invitation to have a nice relaxing swim. Night life in Ibiza is an absolute must when you are in these islands, starting with aperitive at sunset and going on all night till the following morning.
We also recommend an esPalma his the largest town, with the Cathedral and the Bellver castle offering a great view of Maiorca. cursion to Formentera, which is about 1 hour navigation from Ibiza.
At 82 sq kilometres Formentera is the smallest and most southerly of the Balearic Islands.
The island is 20 km long and only 2 km wide at its smallest expanse. On the whole it is flat but it rises to its highest point of 193 metres at La Mola from which you have superb vistas from the cliffs plunging down into the sea.
Menorca It is a real paradise, that will seduce you with its harmony and diversity. The island has 216 kilometres of highly varied coastline, from the rugged shores and reddish beaches of the north, to the gentle relief of the south, with golden sandy coves. There are many different options to enjoy sun and sea, whether on broad sandy beaches or at small coves surrounded by pine groves. They all have one thing in common, however: clean, crystal clear waters. Small villages and more parks make the beauty of the island with S’Albufera des Grau national park.

Not to forget in these islands is their gastronomic variety with ancient traditions like the Pork Soppressada, le sopas de Maiorca, the Ensaimadas sweets. However for those more traditional, you will also find a large variety of international restaurants in avery island.