Corsica and Sardinia

La Maddalena – Cavallo – Spargi – Bonifacio – Santa Giulia – Rondinara – Porto Vecchio
(from Rio marina – Aiaccio, Porto Azzurro – San Vincenzo – Piombino)

  • Skipper included + food
  • Insurance
  • Navigation Set included*
  • Dinghi included

*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water).


Corsica and North Sardinia

Corsica is just 10 miles from Sardinia, and 50 miles from the Tuscan coast, is an ideal destination for a holiday on a catamaran or a sailboat, especially after you have booked a charter in Sardinia.

The choice for sun, sand and sea worshippers during Corsica holidays is endless, with the island boasting up to 200 beaches along a stunning 1000km coastline. The wide range of choice can make finding that perfect sandy spot quite a challenge. Long stretches of white sand in both the east and west coast of Corsica. The water is shallow for several meters. When at destination and want to get on the land, the beaches have several services available and are near small and picturesque villages. The best conditions if you want to spend a relaxing holiday or a holiday with family.

By looking at the photos of these places we have the impression of being in Polinesian spots or in remote islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Instead we are just 26NM away from Elba Island or 45NM from Italy costaline.

To navigate aroun all the island in one week is almost impossible, unless you want to navigate the all day every day, so that you will need at least a couple of weeks to round the island and see all the coastline.

North of Corsica and Cape Corse is more easily reachable from Tuscany bases like San Vincenzo, Salivoli or Punta Ala. If you want to go to the south or east coast of the island you may rent a boat in Sardinia or Ajaccio at an slightly higher cost.

Rondinara beach: From Porto-Vecchio, navigating to Pinarellu Gulf 8NM you will get to this incredible beach with clear water, white sand and lots of green threes touching the beach.
Roninara Gulf has the two extreme points that are almost touching making it a really safe natural port. In this isolated place there is also a very popular sailing school Glennas.

Piantarella beach: This is absolute “must see” place n Corsica..
Where the round white rocks are emerging from the cristal clear water.
Just in front the beach you will spot the two small islands of Piana e Ratino, mostly populated by surfers and kitesurfers.

Gulf of Santa Giulia: The gulf takes the name from the main saint of Corsica.
The gulf is a tipical of Corse coastline with white sand, clear water like zaffire and all is colored by the green of the Mediterranean scrub.
Here also a Club Med since the early 60s.

Balistra beach: Is a long beach 16NM south of Porto Vecchio and 13NM north-east of Bonifacio, is different from other beaches in Corsica for the color of sand and for the desertic surrounding, making it a very special place.

Cape Corse: Is the peninsula in the north of the Island, offering a more diversified kind of holiday even in the most crowded month of the year like July or August. This more for the sailing lovers due to the relentless eastern wind and with fewer beach spots. The main town here is Bastia at easy reach from Elba Island in Italy.

Food: lots of tipical dishes in this part of France that is receiving the cooking Italian infuence. You may find meat stew dishes or any kind of fish and sea food on grill or soup. Here you may taste the Murena grigliata, Brocciu Sardines or mullet and bass fishes, to the more popular Saint-Floret lobsters and oysters.

Carsica and Sardinia Itinerary