Egadi ISLAND – SicilY

Trapani – Favignana – Levanzo – Marettimo

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*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water).


Egadi Islands (Sicily)

Favignana is the main and biggest island of Egadi archipelago, it lies to the south and the terrain is mostly fairly flat with a hilly ridge, while its highest point is Monte Santa Caterina (302m.). Little Favignana village is the municipal centre for the islands with a small harbour and buildings of some interest, such as Palazzo Florio, together with a few fortifications. Clear blue-green waters and a beautiful coastline, mainly cliffs with a host of caves, make it a busy tourist resort and, perhaps, also the most famous of the three islands. It has a lengthened, lightly narrow in the middle, shape that justifies its nickname of “butterfly island”.

The climate is nearly always made mild by a cool breeze, the Zephyrus, also called “Favonio”, to which is due the modern name of the island, instead called Aegusa by Greeks. At the half of the 19th century, it became more and more important in the economic outline of the area thanks to Florio family, that set up here a big Tonnara (Tunny-fishing), able to realize spectacular seasons of tunny-killing.

Cala Rossa: is one of the symbols that represent the beauty of the seabed of Favignana. Indeed, the turquoise sea creates a striking contrast with white surrounding tuff walls. The boat, anchored in it, seems suspended in the air were you can not see their shadow drawn on the bottom.

Cala Azzurra: has waters of a unique transparency, maybe we can not even imagine that it really exists. We find white backdrop full of pink shades in the beautiful Cala d’Azur located in the south west coast near Punta Marsala and Punta Fanfalo.

Lido Burrone: the largest beach of the island, which consists of a fine white sand is Lido Burrone. It also offers a nice and clean sea water because of the excellent transparency, you can admire here the beautiful colors of the backdrop. The site is situated on the south coast of the altitude of Favignana.

Cala Rotonda: next to lighthouse with beaches that stretch on the shores of crystal clear sea. You have to come to this place and admire the sunset with the profile of the island of Marettimo background, the site is located in the most eastern part of Favignana.

Bue Marino.
Once in the village of Bue Marino cave ruled the monk seal, sadly disappeared now from these waters. Now it is an ideal place to immerse yourself in a beautiful sea full of fish, or sunbathe in a secluded location. Divers must be careful here, as the currents are quite strong.

Marettimo, mountainous and remote 20NM far from the trapanese coast-line, Marettimo is the distant, and also the most mountainous of the three islands. Its history, as that of all the area, is done of dominations of several, alternating one another, populations. Do not miss to go round the island and to visit the grottos opening on its walls that fall sheer to the sea. On the top of Cape Troia, it is well visible the castle the Arabs used as a guard tower, later changed into a prison. There is a small and ancient Byzantine church dating back to the twelfth century underlining the presence of the Greeks on the island. Monte Falcone is the highest peak in Marettimo and rises 686 metres above sea level. It offers a complete view if the whole island and the surrounding sea. Punta Troia is a Spanish castle which now lies in ruins.

There are many beautiful grottos on Marettimo. These caves nestle amidst the sheer cliffs along the island’s coast. They include the Grotto del Cammello which is the most beautiful grotto in the island. The Grotto del Tuono is called the “cave of thunder” by the locals. Not difficult to spot groups of dolphins frolicking in the sea.

There are walking trails all over the island. There are a series of rugged trails over the hills and the forests and they offer a diverse flora and fauna. The view from many of these trails is simply stunning.

There are no large beaches neither roads on Levanzo. Instead there are mule tracks that cross the table land and a network of footpaths through the fragrant maquis, which is full of rare species. But at the harbour there are colorful taxi- boats that bring people to the most beautiful parts of island, such as the Faraglioni or Cala Tramontana, where a fabulous sea holds a spectacle full of incredible colours. By boat, or following the path that runs along the western coast, one reaches the Grotta del Genovese. Right, the Faraglione is a favourite spot for bathers.
Egadi is the ideal place to try all varieties of fish and sea food. One has to try the tuna, sardines and sword fish at their freshest in the few restaurants in the islands.