Elba and Capraia Islands

Elba Island – Pianosa – Capraia – Giglio
(From Rio marina – San Vincenzo – Porto Azzurro – Piombino – Punta Ala)

  • Skipper included + food
  • Insurance
  • Navigation Set included*
  • Dinghi included

*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water). ​


Elba, Capraia and Giglio Islands (Tuscany)

Elba is synonymous with Bonaparte. His residence comes slowly into view as you sail to the island onboard a luxury yacht charter. To this day, the villa affords a wonderful view of the bay and the town of Portoferraio.
Dock your boat at the marina in Portoferraio and devote your stop in Elba to unwind. The island’s beautiful natural environment includes white expanses of sand, crystal-clear waters that recall the beautiful sea of Liguriaand Sardinia, and impressive granite cliffs that seem to hold it in a protective hug.

Prepare to have your plate full of activities if you visit the island on a yacht charter. The numerous inlets sprinkled along the coastline afford hours of wonderful relax. Of course sea and sun are Elba’s top attractions. If you are looking for secluded spots, leave the packed Sant’Andrea and Marciana Marina behind and sail to the inlet of Cala dei Frati, a white-shingle beach surrounded by boulders and sea stacks that can be accessed exclusively by boat. Alternatively, head to the equally beautiful Cala della Cotaccia. We recommend reaching it by boat, unless you are a trekking enthusiast willing to walk a very windy path to the beach. Acquarilli is a great site to snorkel the enchanting seabed. Inland, panorama-hunters will not be short of breathtaking sights. The island’s towns and villages cling to steep hills, so you will need proper shoes to reach them but the reward is well worth it. It is not by chance that Bonaparte built his residence, Villa dei Mulini, on the cliff top. The emperor’s home welcomes visitors with sumptuous furnishing in imperial and baroque style.

Elba accommodates different needs for different tourists. For hours surrounded by nature, visit Europe’s largest marine reserve, Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Pianosa is the most striking of the isles you will find there. A prison until 1997, it is now accessible by a limited numbers of tourists per day.


Two different Itineraries: From San Vincenzo is also possible to sto one or two days in Capraia Island on the way back.

From Punta Ala will be also possible to reach Giglio Island.

Itinerary from Punta Ala

Itinerary from San Vincenzo