Day on board…

In the morning after a refreshing breakfast on board, we can start the navigation from the marina or anchor. Navigation is usually easy and we will stop by in the nicest creeks on harbour for a refreshing swim or we can land when appropriate to visit the islands from the inside, to visit the small villages or for lunch break. Most active guests are welcome to take part in the conduction of the yacht, while others may prefer to rest for reading or just sambaing. You are free to decide where you want your dinner on board or either in one of the typical restaurants at destination (we will provide all the necessary info on local restaurants). For the night we will sleep on board in the marinas (when possible) or at anchor. Please remember that scheduled program may change according to weather conditions or due to requests of guests in accordance with skipper. In order to take part to our cruises is NOT necessary to be sailor or seaman: We provide cruises for single people couple or small groups, since we can add you to another group of people so that you can make friends. For those groups who prefer to be on their own, is possible to rent an exclusive yacht without additional costs. This is the ideal solution for a larger group or a family. Expenses for galley and fuel are usually shared between the guest of the yacht and they are usually €15,00 per day.

On board you will find the skipper: he/she is a professional sailor that will take care of you during the cruise. You may choose to have additional co-skipper or hostess on board, which is suggested in case of larger yachts for more comfort and security. All members of crew have to be considered in the caboose (so if you are 6 guests and one member of crew, you have to consider food store for 7 people). Skipper usually do not cooks, however most of them will participate in cooking with guests.

What you need on board: We suggest you to bring only comfortable and informal clothes (depending on the type of cruise). Remember comfortable shoes for you walks when you are at destination and one pair of soft shoes with “white sole” which you will use only on board (this is because usual shoes and leave marks on the deckhouse). Remember a pair of long trousers a light sweater and a light jacket (K-way), hat and sunglasses.

Water on board is a precious item: we kindly ask you not to waste water without a specific reason. Especially on crowded summer days is difficult to stop by, in the marinas, to fill up the water tank (and it will be costly too).

Responsibilities for the Skipper on board:

Skipper on board is responsible for the conduction of you vessel in order to ensure the maximum comfort and security during navigation. You skipper will know what is the best route and best location for mooring or anchoring. Skipper on board are not responsible for cabins cleaning, kitchen and toilette cleaning, however they have to ensure the standard of hygiene on board. Skipper is able to cook, however they charge an additional price of €25,00 per day to cook on board (if not hostess or chef has been booked).