Terms of Service: 

General terms of Sailor One and Sailorone.com:

Sailor One is a registered brand owned by MAGI Cooperativa Sociale a.r.l., it offers an online web platform. Through this Sailoro One provides the charter services for customers and the ship-owners will offer the use of their cruise boats. On the other hand, a customer can search in the online platform a bareboat or skippered yacht rental or and make a rental request through the online booking platform. However, if you want to make a rental request or you are a ship-owner and you want to rent a yacht or create a profile of a boat, first of all you have to fill the booking form or the vessel-owner form.
You can access this website for information, see cruises availability, see fleet availability, arrange your personal holiday, check the suitability, availability and make reservation requests.
The provider of boats will be hereinafter referred to as owner, while the person looking for a boat will be the customer. The term user refers to both the owner and the customer.
Is expressly advised that Sailorone does not offer any boat nor participate in any way with the contracts between users (owner and customer).
Sailor One commits to offer the management services in an easy and efficiently way. The information shown is based on information provided by users. Although the service is intended to be as accurate as possible, we cannot verify or guarantee that all information is accurate, complete or correct. For this reason Sailorone is not responsible in any way of the real state of the boats that are booked by the customers.
Sailorone offers all users the ability to use the online platform both as an owner and also as a customer. Sailor One offers users the ability to publish their own content with photographs and texts (descriptions of the boat, photos, reviews and the like).
Through the online platform, Sailorone transmits rental requests from customers to the owners.
Sailor One offers to the owners the ability to advertise their boat on the online platform with a description, features, images, prices and availability calendar.
Sailor One offers to the customers an online platform for the pursuit of leisure boat rentals.

Booking confirmation with payment:

By confirming your booking you agree to the validity of the “Terms of Services”.

While booking your yacht, you must provide true, current and complete information as specified on the booking form. Data should always be correct and current.

Reservation procedure:
The consultant will give you the availability for the selection of boats that best suits your needs according to your destination, departure port, number of cabins required.
After you receive the quote for each boat, you Inform us of the one that you are interested in
We will request your option (pre-reservation) from the boat owner and normally the boat will be held on reserve for you from 24 hours up to 48 hours, depending on the season. Keep in mind that availability is not guaranteed until your option is booked with payment of 60% of rental price.
Once the boat owner confirms the availability of your option, we will send you the reservation form with all the details of boat, destination itinerary, port of departure and how to reach the port of departure if necessary.
In order to complete the reservation, you must pay the amount of the first payment, which is normally 50% or 60% (depending on charterer or vessel owner) of the reservation for the entire cruise (with bank transfer).
You must send us proof of payment, fill in part of the form with your personal information and send it to us so that we can issue you a receipt or invoice for your payment.
We will issue the corresponding receipt or invoice and notify the boat owner of the person who has reserved the boat.
A document with the confirmation of all details of the charter will be sent. The client must sign and return. In case the client doesn’t sign it, it is understood that complies with the data of the document.
The other 50% is required to pay between 45-30 days before departure. If the required amount before this period has not been paid, the ship-owner has every right to cancel the booking without having to return the amount deposited by the client in the first payment (50% of rental price) nor Sailorone has to return the amount deposited by the client on commissions and accessory services.
The voucher with all the base information, contact person, skipper name and contacts will be sent to you. You must print it and carry it with you during the trip. You will also be sent the invoice.
If the reservation is confirmed less than one month before the departure date, the procedure is a bit different. The total amount (100% of rental price plus accessory services) must be paid at the time the reservation is confirmed.

Ratings and reviews Facebook pages:
Sailor One provides users with a rating system through which they can assess, review and upload photographs on Google my Business and Facebook pages. Users agree to provide only truthful information in their assessments and to respect the laws. The assessments should be objective and can not contain any offensive criticism.

It’s not allowed to use the rating system against its purpose. It is specifically prohibited from making false valuations, issuing ratings on oneself or induce another person to issue them or be influenced in assessments due to circumstances unrelated to the conduct or performance of the contract. In any case, Sailor One reserves the right to adjust, refuse or remove reviews and opinions.

Amendment of the website and the conditions of use:
Sailor One reserves the right to modify, update, discontinue or remove informations of any kind such as pages, blogs, photos at any time without notice and without incurring any responsibility for the webpage whenever it is deemed reasonable by the users, taking into account the interests of Sailor One.

Sailor One reserves the right to change the “Terms of Service” with future effect.

Sailor One may change annually (from the first of Jannuary) the amount of commission. The corresponding changes will be communicated in advance to users in the Sailorone website and e-mail before it enters into force.

Ship owners: If you are a ship owner and you intend to transfer or give your yacht for rent you my register to Sailor One with the appropriate registration form in the “Ship Owner” page. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete.
As an owner, you can create listings for the rental or sale of your yachts. To appear in listings through the website, all boats must have valid documents for navigation and ownership . Listings are made public through the website and through partner booking platforms. Customers can reserve their leisure boat through the web page based on the information in your listing. You acknowledge and agree that once a customer requests a rental request to your boat, the price of that request cannot be altered.

Owners must give the ship to customers on the agreed date. To do this, owners and customers must be agreed.
The owner of the boat is liable to describe the boat in a complete and timely manner. Therefore, at least should provide the information requested by B through the fields to describe adequately the boat. In addition, the owner is free to decide whether he wants to apply for other conditions such as the amount of the deposit, final cleaning costs, etc.
As an owner you accept and know that you are responsible of your own acts and omissions and is also responsible for the acts and omissions of anyone using your boat on your request or on your invitation, including the client.
All users are responsible for their content. So, assume all risks associated with the content.
The account is for personal, noncommercial use. By creating a personal account, we ask that you provide complete and accurate information about you to enhance your credibility as a contributor to the site. You cannot impersonate another person, create or use an account on behalf of another person other than yourself, provide an email address that is not yours or create multiple accounts.

Prices and extras:

Price list above refers to a “full yacht” with full cabins on monohull, sail yacht (for motor or catamarans, prices will be quoted accordingly).

Price list above refers to a “full yacht” with 6 guests on board at least on a 3 cabins yacht. The prices, for cabin charters, will be raised by 15% for each empty space in cabin. In addition departure between two different weeks (NOT from saturday to saturday) will have an additional cost of 20% on the daily price.

A different quote will be provided for couples on exclusive cruise on one yacht. Bareboat available from 2 cabins and 1 toilette up to 6 cabins with double beds.

Extra costs on request: Hostess from €100 per day, CoSkipper from €100 per day, outboard motor €120 per week, gas cylinder €20, bed linen €15 per set, navigation set €25 per set (up to 6 people), gennaker €150 per week, kids protection net (mandatory in the case of kids under 12yo) €130 per week, WiFi €50 (3Gb) or €80 (5Gb) per week, dinner on board (full service) €25 per person, lunch on board (full service) €15 per person.

Week cruises includes check in on saturday from 4.00pm. Check out on saturday at 9.00am (7 nights)

*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, 12 bottles of water).

Price list above do not include: the galley food, fuel, taxes for marinas, transfer expenses either up to the port of departure, nor the internal transfers when on the place of destination. You will be able to ask, in any case, for suggestions to reach the port of departure and internal transfers to the Sailor One advisor. Average costs for galley plus fuel and taxes for marinas may vary from €100 up to €160 per week (per person).

Rental contract for bareboat will include a deposit against risk of damage to the yacht. Deposit (100%) will be refunded at date of check out. Amount of deposit may change according to the yacht model and ship owner. In some cases is possible to pay and insurance on deposit equal to 8% of the rental cost for the yacht so that no full deposit is due at base of departure for your cruise.

An insurance on cancellation is also available depending on ship-owners. You will be informad on availability on cruise quotation.


Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

Contact us as soon as possible by e-mail info@sailorone.com, not later than 48 hours of booking. Your e-mail should include your contact details and website where the lower rate is available. The lower online rate must be bookable when Sailorone validate your claim. This must take place within 48 hours and the screenshots will not be accepted as proof. The lower rate of the same boat must be found online on the same Charter company in the same base and in addition, on the same check-in and check-out dates with the same booking conditions. The lower rate must be in the same currency.

Sailor One will only match the difference between our rate and the lower rate if your reservation through Sailorone is completed and not subject to cancellation.

If the claim is unsuccessful as it is not in accordance with our lowest rate guarantee terms and conditions, our terms and conditions of booking, including the cancellation policy are still applicable.

The “Lowest rate guarantee” does not apply to boats purchased with discounts “Boatshow” and “Reapeated client” or with any special promotion of the Charter company where the booking is made.