The Cyclades Islands

(Athens – Adamas – Naxos – Syros – Paros)


The cyclades of the South-Western: Naxos-Paros-Nisos-Thira (Santorini) Nisos-Naxos (110mn)
Small Cyclades: Naxos-Koufonisi-Kato koufonisi-Amorgos-Keros-Skinoussa-Paros-Naxos (100mn)
Arcipelago of Milos: Milos-Polyegos-Sifnos-Kimolos-Milos (85mn)

Skipper included + food
Dinghi included
Navigation Set included*

*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water). ​


The Cyclades Islands (Greece)

At the center of the Aegean Sea, in the beautiful puzzle white, and blue of the islands and the sea that separates the Attic from the coasts of Turkey, emerge from the waters of the Aegean Cyclades islands. They all share a unique charm that makes it one of the most popular destinations for anyone wishing to spend an unforgettable holiday. Perhaps the best way to visit is “from the sea” and then what better choice than to participate in a cruise on a sailing boat in the kingdom of the Meltemi? Beautiful landscapes made of rocky cliffs and lonely beaches, white villages which are a stark contrast to the intense blue of the sea, Poseidon. The summers in the Cyclades are warm, dry and always windy due to the wind that blows constantly from the quadrants of the northern from may to October. In the air, in addition to the taste of the salt air, you can breathe the history of a civilization that has more than five thousand years and the myths and legends handed down by the epic poems of Homer. Wherever this archipelago is dotted with monuments and archaeological sites are impressive, just think of Delos, the island of Apollo, god of the sun. The island is placed at the centre of the Cyclades and is still considered a sacred place where you are not allowed to be born and die. The splendor of this archipelago has no comparison: the villages surrounded by sandy beaches, enchanting blue windows on the walls of the white houses, the maze of narrow alleys, small chapels with domed roofs and the lonely mills are of the Cyclades is the ideal destination to spend a holiday on a sailing boat.

Sifnos, The first impression is that of a dry place that has little to offer but soon the island will make us change idea. Wherever you see the terraces cultivated with olive groves in which they grow spontaneously, sage, rosemary, juniper, oregano, and thyme. Milos, the island of mines for excellence, has a landscape that is unsurpassed, made of a thousand colors. Its coves, its beaches, the imposing faraglioni rocks, the chalk cliffs and the white rocks add a little sparkle to the island of beauty in the extraordinary. A few miles more to the west there is the Island where there is endless peace between the bougainvillea and hibiscus that adorn the white wooden balconies of the houses. Driven by the Maltemi it is easy to reach Ios, a “precious stone” from the golden beaches, the Chora is dominated, on the highest part of the village, three charming small churches from the characteristic blue domes. Miss in Ios for a stop at Manganari bay in the extreme south of the island, five “idyllic” beaches of fine sand where to anchor to shelter from the Meltemi and spend the night at anchor.

It is true that all the restaurants offer the dishes of the tradition, but despite being a poor cuisine, Greek cuisine, in its simplicity never disappoints. If you exceed the difficulty of communication, and even the prejudices, one can find wild vegetables never seen before, such as cicerbita, chicory spinosa, the euphorbias and the leek wild. And many specialties, such as the stockfish with the beta vulgaris and the cuttlefish with spinach sometimes to the perfume of thyme, sage and oregano. The secret to taste the real Greek cuisine is to go in the taverns, not tourist, and ask, ask and ask again, to restaurant owners and waiters, the dish with the vegetables of the season, with freshly caught fish.