Cape Corse and Elba Island (ITALY AND FRANCE)

  • Skipper included + food
  • Insurance
  • Navigation Set included*
  • Dinghi included


*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water).


Cape Corse and Elba Island

Cape Corse is the northern peninsula of Corsica, which extends for about 80 km from Bastia to almost touch the Giraglia Island.
The itinerary includes a Departure from San Vincenzo in Tuscany, heading for Elba Island where we will be able to stay overnight in the harbor or in the marina and explore the splendid coves of Bagnaia, Magazzini and Portoferraio.
The best time to spend a sailing holiday in this part of the Tyrrhenian is undoubtedly from late spring until the end of summer. In these months the days are long, the wind is a pleasant breeze and everywhere a surprisingly quiet dimension reigns.

Itinerario Elba e Capo Corso (130MN)