Dodecanese Islands (Greece)

May €480/person (full yacht)
June €560/person (full yacht)
July €660/person (full yacht)
August €730/person (full yacht)
September €650/person (full yacht)

  • Skipper included + food
  • Dinghi included
  • Insurance
  • Navigation Set included*

*navigation set: icludes the kitchen and toilet equipment (soap, shower gel, paper, detergent, plastic bags, water). ​


The Dodecanese archipelago

If you want to take a vacation in sailing boat in Greece, the Dodecanese, the northern is definitely one of those groups of islands to visit.

Dodecanese means «didici islands», a mirror of the sea caressed by the Meltemi, the beaches and the rocks scattered in the blue, can only be reached by sea with short and fun navigations. Rugged coastline with a wide choice of bays and estuaries to quiet, where you give the bottom of the still to get wet in the turquoise waters.

Villages, lonely and harbours are authentic where you can still find the atmosphere of Greece’s oldest.

The best time to spend a holiday on a sailing boat in the archipelago is, without doubt, from late spring until the end of the summer. In these months the days are long, the wind is a nice breeze, and everywhere there reigns a size surprisingly quiet.

The islands of the archipelago less known, and perhaps because of this still pristine, Leros, where past and present merge in a unique environment, and the friendly small Pserimos, while Rhodes and Kos are certainly the largest and most cosmopolitan.

Each islet is a natural museum that has a charm quite peculiar. The byzantine monuments, medieval architecture arising from the long venetian domination, the pastel-colored houses that remind one of the landscapes of the liguria, volcanoes dormant, and hot springs are the perfect setting for a holiday fairy boat to sail.