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Sailor One

Морские Круизы

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Sailor One

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Морские Круизы

Тел. +39 091.6851246

Сдать в аренду вашей яхты
Превратить вашу яхту в источник дохода

Переводы яхт
Трансфер в любой пункт назначения


Rent out your yacht:


Turn your yacht in a source of income. Make you quote for rental of your yacht according to season with the help of one of our Sailor One advisors. Only €100 registration fee per year and no other fees required. You will only pay a commission equal to 15% of rental price when your yacht is rented. You only need a sailing or motor yacht in good conditions with at least TWO cabins and with regular safety equipments together with all the regular documents for rental and insurance coverage. We will be able to provide al the necessary information for Kasco coverage.


Yacht Transfers:


Wish to spend your holiday with your family or friends on your sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht in one destination in the Mediterranean, Greece, Croatia or in the Canary or Balearic Islands? You have no time for transfer your yacht and need someone to do it for you? Rely on experiencedand passionate skippers that just love sailing and will take perfect care of your yacht during the transfer. 
We are are able to transfer your yacht according to your requirements in short time and with all precautions of the case.


Our Fees:
Up to 40 ft. LOA (1 crew member and max 10 hours navigation per day) € 2,00/mile (from october to may) € 2,40/mile (from june to september). Over 40 ft. LOA (2 or more skippers) € 2,60/mile (from Oct. to May) € 3,00/mile (from June to Sept.). Cost of service is in € per mile and it is proportional to the "best sea lane" plus 15% due to weather condition which may not allow the best sea lane.

Fees do not include:
Transfer costs to reach the departure port to pick up the yacht and to get back from destination. Gasoline, galley and mooring costs, plus some extra costs which will be accounted with receipts.
When skippers pick up the yacht at departure port, all the quipment on board must be efficient condition with all document for navigation, in order to reduce the possible unforeseen events which may happend during the transfer.

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